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Sunday, August 29, 2021

As our 78-year-old President woke up to yet another day in the White House, he might have thought about taking off to go for a bike ride or play golf, but no. He has responsibilities.

COVID-19 is still raging throughout the country.

Too many people aren’t heeding public health messages to wear masks indoors and get vaccinated. As they get sick, the virus continues to spread exponentially with much more ferocity than the original strain. Even the vaccinated are getting sick, but at least they’re not ending up in the hospital.

The push to get all kids back to the classroom is faltering as COVID-19 infections shut schools down.

Children, with no protection, are getting hospitalized in record numbers. But staying home alone with a computer can harm their physical and mental health.

A Hurricane rated at least Category 4, and possibly 5, is on track to hit the Gulf Coast this morning.

It’s the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and this one might be even worse. The Army Corps of Engineers has spent billions on levees to keep the water surge out, but will they actually work?

The evacuation of Americans and those who helped in the Afghanistan war effort is winding down.

Only two more days left and hundreds of Americans still have to be rescued, not to mention the thousands of troops and tons of equipment that have to be airlifted out. A drone killed would-be suicide bombers on Friday night, but lots of ISIS-K members are still out there ready to finish the job. And can we really trust the Taliban to have our backs as the last plane leaves the airport?

The bodies of the 13 service members who were killed by suicide bombers at the Kabul airport gate arrive at Dover today.

What will he say to the families of these brave men and women who were trying to help Americans and our friends get out of the country before it fell apart? Most of them were only 20 years old, with their whole lives ahead of them. They saved a lot of lives. They were heroes.

American flag
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It’s Sunday, but church is not on the schedule.

By 8 a.m. the President and Jill Biden are off to Joint Base Andrews for the short flight to Dover, Delaware. They spend the morning meeting the families of the fallen. Everyone knows Joe Biden does empathy better than anyone.

In the afternoon Jill is back at the White House, but Joe is meeting with FEMA to discuss the Hurricane Ida landfall. Hospital beds all over the region are full of COVID patients, so optimistically everyone will avoid needing care. But emergency food, water, and housing appear ready to go after the wind dies down. Oil and gas production are shut down, affecting 20% of the country’s energy supply. Hopefully everyone filled their gas tanks.

By nightfall, New Orleans is without power. If you don’t have a generator, you have no lights, no refrigeration, no cooking, no TV, no device charging, no air conditioning. Nobody is coming to fix it anytime soon.

It’s hot and humid, so it’s going to be a bad night. But tomorrow is another day.

Still, I don’t think golf is on the agenda.

golf ball
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Mary Morrison is an itinerant traveler and super procrastinator who published her first book at age 68. https://amazon.com/author/footloosemary

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Mary Morrison

Mary Morrison

Mary Morrison is an itinerant traveler and super procrastinator who published her first book at age 68. https://amazon.com/author/footloosemary

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